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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning
Retail Operations Planning
Sales strategy

Sales Development

Client Acquisition
Client Re-activation | Recalls
Client Segmentation
Referral Program
Loyalty Program
Secret Shopper

Business Analysis

Business Development
Project Management
Business Analysis
Profit and Loss Analysis
Franchising your Business
Mergers and Acquisitions
Lease Negotiations
Investments and Fundraising

HR & Team Development

HR | Pro-active Recruitment
On-boarding and off-boarding
Leadership Development
Coaching Development
Brand Visibility/ Recognition
Team Building Activities/Sessions
360 Employee Survey

Resilience Marketing

Marketing Strategy
Social Media Management
Website Development
Market | Competitive Analysis
Brand Visibility | Recognition
Brand Rejuvenation

- Who We Are

Strategic Excellence, Creative Thinking, Exceptional Execution

Our strategies, creativity, and impressive execution, will lead you through whatever comes your way. We are here to help sail your boat on your journey towards success. No matter what your business is, we cater to all your needs.
If you’re looking for some guidance, look no further than the resilient professionals at the Resilience Consulting Group (RCG)!

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Why Do You Need The Resilience Team?

Effective Strategies

The Resilience Team

From planning to execution, we deliver unique solutions with creativity and innovation.

Synergetic Team

Always a Step Ahead

We work with the most creative strategies and developing tools to ensure that you have the best zxcfvresults.

Proven Results

Agile, Tailored, and Perfected

Our team is ready to help you 24/7, offering tailored support whenever you need it.

Resilience Marketing Consultancy

Resilience Marketing Group (RMG) is a team full of experts ready to help with all your marketing needs. We handle everything from studying the market, coming up with customized creative ideas for your business, to making those ideas real. We’re here to help build your brand from scratch, or have your existing business stand out and succeed.

How We Get Things Done

At RCG, we tailor our approach to meet each client’s unique needs. We begin with a detailed discovery process to understand your business goals. Next, we develop a strategic plan aligned with your objectives. Finally, we conduct a market analysis to identify opportunities and challenges.

Achieve your goals and enhance the quality of your offerings through RCG’s close collaboration
and optimal plan.

Resilient people are aware of their surroundings,
their own emotional reactions, and the behaviour of others.

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