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Strategic Planning

At Resilience Consulting Group (RCG), our certified business plan mediators employ a proven process to develop and execute strategies that drive your organization towards its desired goals. Our approach entails a series of steps, beginning with the formulation of a well-defined plan. We work closely with you to determine clear objectives, establish realistic due dates, and develop a robust structure for implementation. By assigning clear ownership and fostering a culture of accountability, we ensure that all team members are fully committed to executing the plan.


RCG specializes in mediation, a well-structured and interactive process facilitated by our certified impartial mediators. Through specialized communication and negotiation techniques, we enable diverse parties to find resolutions for their business or HR matters. Our approach emphasizes active participation from all participants, empowering them to contribute and collaborate towards a mutually beneficial outcome.

With our expertise, we consistently deliver successful solutions that propel organizations forward and foster agreements. Our mediation services include business mediation, HR mediation, strategic business matters, and more. By engaging in this collaborative negotiation process, RCG helps businesses navigate complex challenges and achieve constructive outcomes.

Retail Operations Planning

Our team of Retail Operations Planning (ROP) professionals possesses the expertise to thoroughly examine your operations and provide tailored solutions. Whether through virtual consultations or in-person engagements, our team is equipped with advanced tools and methodologies to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your current business landscape. We collaborate with you to develop effective strategies and execute a crafted plan, ensuring success in achieving your goals.

Sales Strategy

At RCG, our sales strategy is strategically designed based on our unique strengths and capabilities in alignment with the needs of the target market. We take into account both internal factors and market dynamics to create a winning approach. Our sales strategy includes clear growth objectives, accompanied by specific tactics designed to achieve those goals. Additionally, we implement a tracking plan to monitor and measure results, allowing us to continuously optimize our efforts and drive success in the ever-evolving marketplace.

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HR and Team Development

HR | Pro-active Recruitment

At Resilience Consulting Group, our approach to HR – Pro-active Recruitment differs from any other traditional one, which relies on applicants finding job postings and applying directly. We are very selective, proactive, and involved in every industry. Our recruitment process is personalized, tailored, and familiar with all non-compete challenges certain industries face. Our head-hunting strategies and approach guarantee long-term successful and high performing hires!

On & Off-Boarding

We specialize in on-boarding and off-boarding based on your company’s needs. It could be for team members or part of business mergers and acquisitions. Our team is experienced in developing clear on-boarding and off-boarding checklists, personalized specifically to your business’s needs. On-boarding strategies include bringing on new team members, structuring training programs, and helping you transition into fresher potentials. As for the team members that decide or get driven to change paths by RCG, we help them connect with other companies, consider their resources, receive psychological support to better manage change, assist with the creation of market-standard employable resumes and biographies, prepare them for job interviews, and everything else needed.

Leadership Development

What we believe in the most at RCG is leadership. We provide workshops that help individuals increase their ability to lead effectively. It includes activities such as coaching, training and development, assessment and feedback, networking, presentation, and many more. We offer these variety of courses either through one-on-one trainings or group sessions. Do you want to increase your ability to lead effectively? Then get in touch now!

Coaching Development

Our coaching development is training your company’s team members to become great coaches. It helps them know what their job exactly requires from them to be and how to behave. In other words, it is a process of assisting your managers in improving their ability to lead effectively, and learn how to hold their respective teams accountable.

Team Building Activities

Team building activities help your coworkers get to know each other better, learn how to work together more effectively, build stronger relationships and develop trust. Teamwork is essential in any organization for achieving common goals efficiently and harmoniously. RCG offers you team building sessions and teaches you how to implement them in your company. These sessions can happen either virtually or on-site.

360 Employee Survey

The 360 survey is an employee feedback tool that allows team members to provide anonymous feedback on their supervisor, coworkers and themselves. The goal of this 360-survey is to help your team members identify areas where they can improve the work environment, raise motivation, increase employee satisfaction and retention.

Resilient people are aware of their surroundings,
their own emotional reactions, and the behaviour of others.


Resilience Consulting Group’s marketing strategy is a plan of action that defines how you, as a company, will achieve your desired results in the marketplace. It is built upon clear and concise objectives, carefully identified target markets, and effective strategies to reach and engage those markets. Additionally, it identifies any resources required to execute the plan and track progress towards your goals.
Social media management involves the use of cutting-edge tools and services to effectively handle and optimize businesses’ social media accounts. These tools can help our team schedule posts, track engagement, analyze data, and more. By employing these resources, we ensure that your social media presence is well-managed, allowing you to maximize your reach, engage with your target audience, and drive impactful results in the digital world.
Our website development services include a wide range of offerings tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether it involves developing a high-quality website from scratch, redesigning an existing website, incorporating videography and high-quality imagery, or staying ahead of the curve by implementing market trends, our team has the expertise to deliver exceptional results. We also provide support for making updates and additions to existing sites, ensuring that your online presence remains up-to-date and impactful.
The Market Analysis we give you includes understanding where your company’s current position stands within the market, and analyzing it. Our team of experts makes sure to study the results of this analysis and determine how to best position your company within this market. The goal of it is to help us better understand the market we are working in and be able to make informed decisions adequately.
We understand the critical role that brand visibility plays in shaping client impressions and perceptions. Brand visibility, including public relations and other strategies, is instrumental in defining how your brand is seen from various angles and perspectives. It enables your audience to recognize and appreciate the qualities that set your company apart. Our team at RCG is dedicated to enhancing your brand’s visibility, both in virtual and physical spaces, ensuring that it makes a lasting and positive impact in the market. We emphasize showcasing your company’s identity in the best possible way, enabling you to stand out among competition and solidify your position in the marketplace.
Our brand rejuvenation involves refreshing an existing brand to make it more appealing to consumers. We offer you a series of enhancing services that include changing the branding, marketing, and messaging around the product in order to create a new image for the company. This is done in response to changes in consumer trends, behavior or competition from newer brands.

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